No cup. No spills. No kidding. This coffee is served on a STICK

Recently featured on WGNO/ABC News - "Albert Einstein is no longer relative.

Ben Franklin is less electric.

And Steve Jobs would just barely be a genius compared to a couple of creative New Orleans guys.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says these two have come up with a new way to wake up in the morning.

Wild Bill calls it coffee on a stick. Actually, what this new fangled combination of coffee and ice cream is called is Cafe Bars. You can pick up a four pack at supermarkets like Rouses.

The recipe is the creation of Adrian Simpson. Adrian is the guy who created New Orleans Ice Cream.

The other guy is his friend from college, Jeff McCrory. Jeff is the java genius from Cold Brew Coffee.

Here's what these two say about their new brew:

  • Real Cold Brew Coffee (not flavoring)
  • Ultra Premium Ice Cream (not dairy dessert / soft serve)
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Fair Trade Ingredients
  • 150 calories approximately (Cafe Noir = 70 Calories)
  • 6 Varieties
  • Same amount of Caffeine as a glass of Iced Coffee
  • Replace your coffee house Iced Coffee
  • Enjoy at any time
  • "A Coffee House in Your Freezer"

The flavors are Noir. That's a sweet black coffee espresso blend. If you like strong, bold coffee, this is for you.

Mocha is rich, chocolately with cholate ice cream.

There's also hazelnut, peppermint, caramel and cafe au lait.

It's a dessert with a caffeinated kick."

Read the full article and watch the exclusive video interview with WGNO/ABC News here.