Two New Orleans brands, two old friends turn hot trend into cold treat with caffeinated kick

Recently published in The New Orleans Advocate - "A Cafe Bar starts with frozen coffee — not a coffee-flavored coating but actual, full-tilt cold brew coffee. Underneath, there's ice cream, with a stick for a handle.

It’s a dessert with a caffeinated kick. It also comes with a backstory of collaboration between two homegrown New Orleans brands and an unlikely business development path that's been more social than strategic.

The Café Bar is a packaged ice cream bar just now turning up in grocery store freezers. It’s from a newly formed company, American Cold Brew, though the ingredients are familiar.

The ice cream is from New Orleans Ice Cream Co., a company that has made ice cream flavors from classic New Orleans desserts (lemon doberge cake), cocktails (brandy milk punch) and even a former mayor’s faux pas (“Chocolate City”).

The frozen coffee shell is from CoolBrew, another New Orleans success story that made cold brew coffee a household term in its hometown long before the trend grew nationally.

Adrian Simpson started New Orleans Ice Cream in 2006. Jeff McCrory is a partner in CoolBrew, the company his father founded in 1989.

McCrory is from Metairie, Simpson is from England and the two have been friends since their college days at LSU. Simpson later worked in marketing for CoolBrew as the company was making the leap from a local brand to a national brand."

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